The Cutart Pro Kit includes Cutart OHP Stencil Cutter along with Cutart Paper Cutting ink pens. The specially formulated ink pens contain chemicals that break down the paper structurally. When heat is applied through Cutart OHP Stencil cutter's hot tip, burns and cuts the paper exactly and precisely. PACAKAGE CONTAINS : 1 ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE ADAPTER + 2 ELECTRIC PLASTIC STENCIL CUTTING PENS + 2 PAPER CUTTING INK PENS

CUTART OHP STENCIL CUTTER / PRO KIT are specially made for professional artists, hobbyists and crafters who want to cut intricate details in Plastic sheets and paper (pro kit) with ease and comfort. The design of the pens let you grip comfortable at shortest gap from the nib. While the heated tip with temperature control regulator on the adapter simply melts and cuts through several types of plastics. The new Kits (with TEZ Pens) come with a range of replaceable tips that suit your Requirement and Style. 

  • Terms And Conditions

    Ships in 48- 72 hours (working days). Tracking Informations shall be messaged

    6 Months replacement warranty on orders within India. 

    International Buyers: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS LIQUID INK PENS, MAY BE REJECTED OR REMOVED BY CUSTOMS. orders carry no warranty or guarantee due to high shipping charges.

    220v electric product. Use with 50 watt or higher voltage converter for use with 110 v power supply like in USA Canada etc. Output 12v 2 amps max.

    Custom Duty if applied in any country, has to be borne by the recipient at the time of receiving the parcel.

    Provide complete shipping address with contact number while placing the order