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How to Cut Stencils


Searching for a design to cut stencil of is easy with Google. Simply do an image search of your subject along with the keywords mentioned above. Like if you wish to cut a stencil of a peacock search images on google of 'Peacock Stencil' 'Peacock Clipart' 'Peacock vector' 'Peacock Silhouette' etc. Browse and Choose the image of your choice and copy paste into any photo editing app like Adobe photoshop. You can resize it or edit it and then take a printout on a paper sheet. Place a sheet of transparent plastic on the printout and start cutting with CUTART OHP STENCIL CUTTER by slowly moving the heated tip along the edges to cut.

Place a clear sheet of plastic on printout or sketch and run Cutart OHP Stencil Cutter pens heated tip on outlines.

Trace your design on a plastic sheet using a permanent marker or using a carbon paper before cutting.

Take a printout or photocopy of your design to cut directly on Acetate OHP/ transparency to do cutting.

Always use glass top surface to cut plastic sheet and trace or print your designs for detailed intricate cutting

Direct Cut




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